Pricing & Packages

Thank you for your interest in ordering today!
A minimum of 2 dozen is required to order.

The following is very general information. Your personal quote may vary.

For info on custom packaging & displaying the cake pops, please inquire.

Together, we create your
never-before-seen designs.


Classic Pops 

– keep it simple, colorful, yet delicious with classic crowd pleasers.
Marbled patterns & ‘S’ swirls can also take these to the next level! Adorned in your occasion’s colors, and decorated with sprinkles, drizzle, or the beautiful simplicity of solid colors.

Dessert Pops

– for the flavor connoisseur, and with premium selected ingredients, typically featured during seasonal specials.


– When you want to make a statement! Celebrate with custom pops to boast creativity, with the rest classically decorated for affordability. A little detail goes a long way.

Platinum Custom designs… the full creative works. 

– For the passionate party-er. Your vision is my command, and your celebration deserves dessert made of masterpieces. 


 Pricing is based on style (vertical or upside down), intricacy,
painting, & any fondant or chocolate decorations.
Every ingredient and component is carefully selected and planned.

Because each detail of every order is unique,
we always offer a variety of options to suit your budget.
For custom works, we take pride in creating something never seen before, which is why no two orders are ever the same. Creatiff designs are always related, but never TWINS.

Up to 4 designs or characters are permitted per dozen, and we love mixing it up!

 Custom level pops can be combined with less detailed treats to fit your needs and make a lovely display of variety!



We want you to experience our works of delicious art, so
payment options are available for orders of $185 or more !


*a personal consultation call is included with platinum custom orders to create your vision and bring it to life.



*Loyalty rate available for returning clients.