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Pickup Policy & Information

*The address has been privately disclosed to you via email or text.

*Pickup days are typically on Fridays unless your order is due on Wednesday or Thursday.

Your pickup time will always be scheduled in advance for your convenience, and must be confirmed.
Saturday pickup and delivery times are between 9am – 10am only and incur $20 unless

holiday scheduling is available.

A courtesy text is required en route and upon arrival to (757)849-0440.


Please be courteous in understanding that a lot of time goes into cake pop orders, and that it is very labor intensive. Punctuality is greatly appreciated when picking up your order from a home-based location, which may limit Creatiff Cakepops’ schedule, privacy, as well as time slots allotted for customer traffic. In addition, notice via mobile communication prior to pickup is REQUIRED as common courtesy to ensure privacy and limited traffic at the home-based location. Pickups are granted a 5-10 minute window, depending, of time past the scheduled arrangement. Creatiff Cakepops cannot guarantee time or quality should the arrangement go unfulfilled. If a pickup exceeds the 10 minute window, Creatiff Cakepops reserves the right to allot time and product pickup elsewhere and, again, is not responsible for the quality of the order after the appointed time is exceeded.

Please see the late pickup policy below:

*Late Pickups:

Late pickups will incur a $10 fee starting at 10 minutes over the scheduled time, plus a $1 per additional minute.

Please give advance notice BEFORE your pickup time (not at your pickup time)
if you will be running late. Honest communication is valued!

In the case of a late fee, order will not be released until late fee is paid.
While notice of changes is preferred within an hour window, shorter notices
are handled on a case by case basis.

**** In the case that this policy is not honored,
the order can only be acquired on the following business day. (Monday)
Or (if applicable) a $40 accommodation fee will incur. ****

Creatiff Cakepops reserves the right to refuse future services in an effort to maintain healthy working relationships with clients.