question-mark-2405202_640Here are some frequently asked questions that may even answer some of yours!

-What is a cake pop?
         A cake pop is created from fully cooked cake that has been mixed with frosting to create a doughy consistency and is typically attached to a lollipop stick with a candy coating. It can be flavored and sculpted in so many ways. Cake pops make great treats for gifts, gift baskets, birthday parties, congratulatory events, baby showers, thank-yous, and more…at just the perfect portion (the standard size being about 1.13oz). If you are trying to be mindful of your sweet tooth, cake pops don’t take up as much space in your tummy! (Although, you might splurge on more than one in a sitting. ^_~ )

-Why Creatiff Cakepops?
Creatiff Cakepops are made to order with freshness in mind. In an effort to use the best ingredients, my frostings are made from scratch. Also, to add a touch of love to my cakes, many of my flavor options include real, whole ingredients such as juices, purees, zests, spices, and quality flavor extracts. As far as design…well, I can pretty much make your cake pop dreams come true. ❤
Please inquire if you have specific concerns or requests upon ordering.

-Are your cake pops vegan, gluten, and/or nut free?
         At the moment, I have limited gluten free and vegan options. Please ask for more details. However, if you have any concerns about specific allergies please let me know. While many of my cake flavors do not contain nuts and are always baked using pre-cautious, hygienic measures, I cannot 100% guarantee that they are hypoallergenic. Consume at your own risk.

-Do I need to refrigerate my cake pops?
          Refrigeration is not necessary. Once the cake pop has been dipped, the cake is considered sealed by the outer candy layer for freshness. The cake is fully cooked and includes shelf-stable ingredients. However, refrigeration may prolong the shelf life for a few more days and prevent excess moisture inside of the cake pops, especially when they are made with a cake that contains fruit.
Unless sealed in an air-tight container, refrigeration could cause condensation and ruin the integrity of your cake pops.
Store them at room temperature in a cool, dry place, avoiding humidity, unless we provide you specific instructions upon releasing your order.

-In how many days will Creatiff Cakepops expire?
           Your pops are prepared with freshness in mind. From the date in which you receive them, they are good for up to 5 days. While shelf-life varies, it is not recommended that you consume your cake pops after 7 days without refrigeration. Consume at your own risk.
(Hopefully they will be so delicious that they don’t even make it to day 2! ^_~ Hehe.) Certain ingredients (such as fruit etc.) may create more moisture within the candy coating.

-Can I order less than a dozen cakepops?
          From time to time, featured flavors (http://www.facebook.com/creatiffcakepops) may be sold in smaller gift sets of 8. ‘LIKE’ us for promotional offers!
Otherwise, Creatiff Cakepops are sold ONLY by the dozen (12+ per order) due to the sizes of the cake batches, as well as the creative prep and labor involved.

-What are my options for receiving my order?
          I try to accommodate pick up and delivery based on the customer’s needs. Orders may be picked up at the studio, located in the Bayside area of Virginia Beach, or delivered for a fee, based on the recipient’s location. All customers are notified prior to their deadline of their order status so that a time can be scheduled in advance. Creatiff Cakepops has also partnered with a local business to accommodate pickups outside of available hours. Pick up and delivery hours may vary. (Saturday pickups are between 9am-12pm ONLY) Please refer to booking policies (link at the bottom of this page) for more information.

-How far in advance should I place an order?

*For planning and quality purposes, orders should be booked 3-4 weeks in advance. You are welcome to place an order much further in advance to get priority booking from the queue. Sometimes I may not be able to accommodate if there is a pending high-volume special, but I always try my best to work with you!

Larger quantity requests of at least 8-10 DOZEN, and depending on detail (corporate, events, weddings, etc.) need to be booked at least 2 months or more in advance (rush fees may apply for accomodations, especially during peak seasons) to adjust the calendar for smaller local orders accordingly.

Because I make all cakes to order and with homemade frostings, I would like to make sure I have ample time to bake and focus on designing your request. Some orders may require special ordered supplies.
If for some reason you need your order sooner, I will try my best to work with you, and have squeezed in many orders in at the last minute!

-What are my payment options?
          Orders less than $150 MUST be paid for in full at the time of the request via PayPal, Venmo, or Square (if applicable). This covers expenses for needed supplies, labor, design planning, and above all, secures your order. If you are unable to do this, please communicate this at the time in which you place your order.
Cash is also an acceptable form of payment if you are within the studio location.
Any orders of $150 or more (such as for larger events), require a non-refundable 50% retainer. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before pickup/delivery, or depending on the pending orders on the calendar. PayPal and cash are accepted. No checks please.

There may be no cancellations or refunds. Payments are final.
Read more about our cancellation and refund policy HERE.

Does my product fit your needs? Please keep in mind the following:

    • Creatiff Cakepops specializes in cake pops & dipped treats occasionally by flash sale ONLY.
    • If you have a nut allergy, we use great caution to accommodate your needs, however we occasionally do use nuts in our premises and recommend consumption only at your own risk. Allergies may limit our ability to use certain ingredients AND your design request. Be sure to inform us when placing your order!
    • Gluten Free & Vegan options are available. (Classic Cake Pops Only)