Image-1Oh, there’s a story behind this picture! BOYYY, do I have a story for you guys this morning. So rich. *facepalm* Promise not to laugh.
So, I squeezed a gender reveal order into my week. I have been trying my best to be better about my time, productivity, and getting up earlier in the morning. I started my morning feeling froggy, knowing that I had about half of said gender reveal order to finish, and then I could take some cool pictures, post them, run a business errand for supplies, and finish my other two orders… one of which includes a cake.
I spent an hour and a half dipping and sprinkling 25 chocolate cake pops and finishing up the little details on my baby body suits and baby bottles (meticulous little things requiring tweezers/drawing with the end of a skewer) that I chose to add as a surprise.
Sometimes, I sneak little gifts into my customer’s orders. The couple who placed their order were very nice, so I decided to sneak in these special baby designs that they hadn’t actually paid for or requested. (Their order was for 50 simple classic cake pops bottoms down, with 6 of those to be vertical for display as a centerpiece in a mason jar). You can imagine how stoked I was to not only practice a new idea, but to think about their reaction to the gesture.
So…. I finished!! I cleaned up the mess on my worktable and began to arrange the cake pops on my shiny dollar store plate, then arranged the 6 baby pops in a mason jar and placed it in the center, and CAREFULLY moved the display to a little stool to carry outside for pictures in natural lighting. (My apartment is MICROSCOPIC and isn’t well lit, so I make do.)
‘RELIEF! I’m moving along this morning!’ I think to myself.

I took a few pictures. Sometimes I don’t like morning light because there are heavy shadows on my patio. I moved the stool around, and decided on one more picture at a different angle before I would take my pops back inside and box them up.
OR, so I thought.
SOMETHING HAPPENED… By the grace of the a-hole evil vibes floating around in the universe…. IT HAPPENED SO FAST LIKE A FREAK ACCIDENT.
My mason jar somehow tipped over. And it fell. And so did my special, I-went-out-of-my-way-cake pops (except for one, that happened to be salvageable). Luckily, the other cake pops did not also fall upon my being HORRIFIED. Many cuss words were spoken. I shed tears of anger and frustration (LITERALLY CRYING) and why-wasn’t-I-more-carefuls. I have quite the history of being ridiculously clumsy.
At this point, I’d already cleaned everything up, and hadn’t planned on extra cake balls for stupid repairs. I came inside, pulled some cake balls from another order, and re-made the baby suits, but not the bottles (which took the longest to detail.)

The moral of the story?!
Shit happens. Don’t be clumsy. Don’t use shitty, flimsy dollar store plates to take pictures. Don’t break stuff. Always have extra cake balls sitting around until you box up your order. Or, just don’t break stuff. Wake up earlier than I did today. No good deed goes unpunished.

And now, I’m wasting more time sharing this story. But what fun would it be if I didn’t give you a glimpse into my work day?!

I would love to hear about a time you had a frustrating freak accident. I know one of you have dropped a whole lasagna on the floor while making dinner for your in-laws…. Because that’s something I would do.

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